Astrological consultations

“The ‘lessons of life’ seem never to end. Astrology merely holds up a mirror before them. It is not magical; it solves nothing. But maybe, by gazing long and hard and bravely into that mirror, we can better understand the point of those lessons and the patterns behind them. Maybe, with some wisdom added to the mix, life’s difficulties are lessened.”

- Steven Forrest, The Book of Fire

Get to know yourself more deeply

Where are you in life? Where do you want to be?

What are your strengths, talents, and preferences?

How do you come off to others?

What patterns do you find yourself repeating?

How do you best use the energies within you and around you to make the changes you want to make?

...with astrology. Astrology can help people make sense of their lives and find greater meaning and purpose. My clients range from the "spiritually curious" who just want to know what there is to this astrology stuff, to more advanced students of astrology who want some support in digging deeper into their charts and understanding other astrological techniques, to those looking for longer-term support in finding purpose and meaning in their lives. As a trained life coach and astrologer, I can help you reflect on where you are in life, who you are at your core, what kinds of lessons you're here to learn, how to make sense of all of life's twists and turns, and how you can continue evolving.

How astrology can help. Astrology is a tool that can help you see yourself and your life direction. It can help you:

  • identify your talents;

  • uncover behavioral or thought patterns that you might be trapped in;

  • accept yourself for the complex, multi-faceted person that you are;

  • empower you to make the best of challenging times;

  • create meaning by helping you identify life lessons;

  • understand different energies at play to help you direct your efforts more efficiently;

  • develop greater acceptance and compassion for the people in your life;

  • connect to the spiritual and mystical realms of life.

Your chart is not just your personality, it's your journey.

-Steven Forrest